Andrew Wilson & Co would like to welcome you to the Andrew Wilson & Co/ Echuca horse and saddlery auction page . This page is used to advertise horses and saddlery coming to auction at Echuca on Friday fortnightly basis and a monthly sale at Colac, sale dates and address are in a post below . Auctions start on saddlery at 10.00 am and horses follow at 1.00 pm ( no earlier )
We advise you to please take the time to read all details below before asking or posting any questions thank you

Please note :
– Andrew Wilson & Co reserves the right to delete and block anyone at anytime from the page at the discretion of the auctioneer without being obliged to give a reason for doing so .
If a Facebook profile is found to fake it will be banned from the page

– All photos on this page have been given permission by vendors to advertise their horses coming to auction so please respect this and we will not tolerate posts of horses being screen shotted and shared for negative/ judgemental reasons if so this matter will be taken further .

– Andrew Wilson & Co reserves the right to refuse any bid or people attending any sale at the auctioneers discretion with out being obliged to give a reason for doing so

– All vendors and buyers will remain private under the privacy act unless authorised by them to release details


All animals should be fit for sale with guidance of the Victorian Livestock Managment Act 2010 prior to entering the shires facility’s. All animals that are presented for auction are checked by shire staff so if you have any welfare concerns please contact Shire of Campaspe livestock exchange manager on 0419156138 and file a written report on the day. Anyone taking photos and videos of animals they believe or have concerns of their welfare are obliged to file a written report to the on site manager on the day or you are actually in breach of the Livestock Cruelty Act yourself .

**** BUYERS ****

Andrew Wilson & Co would like to inform you that all information that has been advertised regarding horses has been supplied by vendors and Andrew Wilson & Co only act as agents on the day and take no responsibilities for the details that are provided to us by vendors .

ATTENDING BUYERS : You must register at the office with photo ID prior to bidding on saddlery or horses and all purchases must be paid in full on the day via- cash or EFT

ABSENTEE BUYERS : Andrew Wilson & Co has authorised absentee bidding through Rachael on people’s behalf that can not attend the auction . All bids are advised to be in by 12.30pm at the latest to avoid disappointment . All payments must be made via Credit card or Bank transfer . Please contact Rachael on 0427194017 for any further details

TRANSPORT : Transport list is provided below for your convenience, these are private company’s so please contact direct for quotes and please ensure you have transport or temporary agistment arranged prior to bidding as all horses need to be cleared by the following day and Andrew Wilson & Co hold no responsibility for horses left at saleyards after auction .

TEMPORARY AGISTMENT : Please contact Rachael on 0427194017 for agistment and feeding horses until transport is available

**** VENDORS ****

All animals must be fit for transport and sale and all information supplied to Andrew Wilson & Co by you the vendor must be true and correct at the time of sale , all heights and ages must be advertised as approximately unless certified by a professional, all windsuckers , wobblers and rigs must be declared prior to advertising and auction , if a animal is deemed unfit for sale by the Shire of Campaspe livestock exchange manager then a vet will be called and all costs will be to the vendor . PLEASE NOTE : All horses that are pre advertised for sale a week prior must attend the sale and if horses are sold prior and withdrawn you will be charged the commission of the sale of the horse in question as we advertise horses for auction and is not a Horses for sale page

PRE ADVERTISING : Vendors wanting to pre advertise animals on our page this is a free service , all you need to do is contact the page via messages or contact Rachael on 0427194017 all you need to supply is your name and address and contact details then some photos , videos and a small description on its history and please include sex and approximate age and height

DELIVERY: Animals can be delivered to the saleyards on day prior to sale at 4 pm till 7 pm or on the day from 7.30am till 12.00pm

PHOTOS : All animals are photographed for advertising purposes the night before and the morning of so please advise staff when booking in if you don’t wish photos to be taken and placed on page .

FEEDING : All horses are fed the night before and the morning of the auction

**** SADDLERY ****

All saddlery to be booked in prior to 10 am on the day of the auction . Saddles may be pre advertised by contacting the page by messages or contact Rachael on 0427194017

**** PAYMENTS ****

Payments are made on the day after 3 pm by cheque only , if not collected on the day cheques will be sent out via post in a fortnight and if you have any other enquiries please contact Jenny on 0499566677 for Echuca enquiries or Christine on 0438120762 for Colac enquiries

**** RESULTS ****

Results for the auctions are only placed on the page as a courtesy and all negative comments will be deleted and Andrew Wilson & Co have no affiliation with Depot , Shepp or Maffra and once the horse is sold at auction there are no questions answered about horses as they are now owned by theses company’s thank you


Andrew- 0408315927
Stan -0425724298
Rachael-0427194017 (Absentee bidding/Advertising
Jenny – 0499566677 (Echuca office)
Christine – 0438120762 (Colac office)

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