The Australian Equine Unification Scheme (AEUS) is dedicated to initiating positive changes to the Australian Horse Industry regulations and providing a better quality of life for all equines and a balanced system for all owners.
Currently there is little overall regulation in the horse industry apart from registered groups and sections of the racing industry.
Due to the lack of regulations and enforcement in sections of the horse industry horse registration and the conducting of genetic testing before breeding is not a prerequisite.
Consolidation of all horse registration in a central area will enable the horse industry to monitor where the “wastage” horses originate from and allow educational material to be dispersed and notification of disease threats possible.
Currently the horse industry is poorly regulated and overbreeding has resulted in an industry that is unsustainable.
This site is to air our thoughts and views, work pro actively together to provide submissions to the Government to apply updated regulations.
Certain members of our group conduct investigations into breaches of regulations and horse cruelty issues.
All investigation is conducted privately and the appropriate authorities provided with a report.
Available on our site for all members is a comprehensive file section containing horse industry regulations and articles of interest.
Please be courteous to all comments.
Screen shots of page are not permitted.
Any member found taking screen shots of the page without permission will be removed from the group.

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