If we cannot see where you are from in your profile you won’t be admitted to the group. This is a group for LOCAL horse owners; if you are not from the shire you may be refused membership to the group. Please check your ‘Message Requests’ folder. We message you if we cannot see where you are from. PM me if you keep getting refused. – Geraldine Chapman

If you do not have a human name* on your profile you will not be admitted to the group. (* eg. ‘horse lover’ or ‘black beauty’.)

A connection point for horse owners, clubs, groups and businesses in Cardinia Shire, Victoria.

It is available for anyone in the Cardinia Shire community to share information, organise events, announce training days and clinics, keep in touch with other horse people in our local community, ask for help and assistance where needed.

While we appreciate that from time to time members may wish to be involved, or promote, interstate or other parts of Vic events, fundraisers, rescues, businesses etc this group is for LOCAL events, news, people, community, resources etc. There are good state wide and national type horse groups that can accommodate other non-local posts. Please use them.

Do not upload, share or use any images (copyrighted, watermarked, owned by others) that you do not have permission to use. They will be deleted.

All buying and selling on this page is at your own discretion/risk. Basically “it’s nothing to do with us”. All ads governed by the laws of Victoria.

You MUST put the LOCATION on all advertising. Items with “Melbourne” will be deleted.

This page does not condone bullying or slanderous behavior.
Basically if you have nothing nice to say then keep your mouth shut.
– No bad mouthing of other horse owners.
– No “naming and shaming”.
– No baiting and name calling.
– No bad mouthing of equine trades people (vet/farrier/dentist etc) allowed. This means no negative comments. No “bad experience” posts.
– No warning posts. No “buyer beware” posts. No sharing of so called “warning” posts from other pages – they might allow it, we do not!
– Do not abuse other group members.

This group is about community. Don’t comment, vent, bitch about other members of the community. If you are not prepared to say it to someone’s face, don’t say it here. We all have to live in this community. This is not the place to exhibit your poor community standards.

We consider any of the above to be serious breaches of group rules. You will be warned and repeat behavior will see you booted from the group.

Contrary to what you might think we do not have to put up with your bad behavior. We are not here to bitched at, made examples of, upstaged or corrected. If you don’t like it, suck it up or leave. smile emoticon

People who have blocked admins will be removed from the group without warning.

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