This page is run to carefully examine the claims of, and present a factually based alternate view to, the animal rights groups that protest against the racing industry.

These animal rights organisations, such as the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses are highly promiment and active in social media. Many of the claims presented by these organisations are in the very least highly questionable, if not easily proven incorrect.

Social media is awash with easily shared, attention grabbing, attention seeking photos, videos and claims from animal rights groups. We seek to provide an alternate view based on actual factual and referenced information, exposing the many myths spread by the animal rights movement about horse racing.

This Exposed page unites those those who genuinely love horses. Those in the racing industry who care and look after their horses, and genuine animal welfare organisations, both disillusioned with much of the misinformation that is spread across social media by animal rights activists.

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