Horses At Auction – Preview (HAAP) is a small group of volunteers who photograph horses standing in ‘meat’ pens at auction houses and sale yards across Victoria.

With sales being held in deep country, in the middle of the working week – buyers are mainly knackeries, dealers and rodeo operators, and the future for many horses is bleak.

The casualties of overbreeding and drought, rows of Thoroughbreds, Harness racing horses, Clydesdales, stock horses, ponies, Quarter horses and mixed breeds are now photographed by the volunteers, with as much information possible gathered on each one, and uploaded onto HAAP’s well supported Facebook site that reaches into homes across Australia.

These sale yard horses, of every age and breed, now have a voice and a real chance of a future.

The HAAP team provides a free absentee bidding service to anyone wishing to offer a horse a home, free assessments, and can recommend transport companies who offer very competitive rates to support this rehoming venture.

Since their inception in February 2014, HAAP have successfully rehomed nearly 1,000 horses – and they have no plans of slowing down. The volunteers travel from all corners of Victoria to attend sales, dedicating their time and often their own funds to save as many horses in need possible.

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