Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary, was born from the love and passion both Anne & Sherel have for the love of all animals. It was through both Anne & Sherel rescuing horses from Echuca sales that these neighbours met. They both brought horses at the same auction and used the same transport company. Both Anne & Sherel have owned and loved horses their whole lives and are now firm friends and great neighbours.
From there they were the co – founders with Belinda Of Horses at Auction – Preview. With Horses at Auction – Preview now well established with a wonderful team of people, Anne & Sherel decided to resign from Horses at Auction – Preview and focus on what they best love and that is to rescue, rehabilitate, educate and rehome horses. Between Anne & Sherel they have 50 lush acres well fenced and sheltered pastures for the horses to relax and feel safe.
With a new barn being built and stables to be added, Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary will be able to accommodate horses with various needs.
All horses that come into Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary, are assessed, any veterinary needs are attended to by our wonderful team of vets from Golden Plains Veterinary Team. All horses are wormed and all dietary needs are met. Our wonderful farrier comes and takes care of all hoof needs.

No horse that comes into Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary will ever be given a time frame to be rehomed, if need be they stay forever.

We chose the name Horse Shepherd for a few reasons, horse is simple because they are horses, shepherd, because we are all huge fans of Sea Shepherd, and Shepherd is a guardian, we are the guardians of these gorgeous horses, Equine to cover all Equines, horses, ponies, mini’s donkey’s etc. and sanctuary because we feel our properties are a peaceful place for any equine to relax feel loved and never know hardship or stress again.

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